Facts, Answers, Qt3.14s


What is this?
Temporary file storage, so you don't have to waste my disk space, or if you just want to upload something anonymously but have it deleted after a while. Pretty neat huh?
What file types aren't allowed?
The following file types are currently not allowed: .exe, .scr, .cpl, .doc*, .jar
Banned Content
Do not upload: Child pornography, viruses/malware, entire episodes of anime, or full length episodes of TV shows, or heavy gore. I will purge your uploads if anything you upload violates these rules. See our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service for more info.
You cannot use Catbox for commercial services without prior approval. Examples include as a CDN, image host for your business/ecommerce site, or a source for videos that are streamed on sites other than files.catbox.moe directly.
Should you violate any of the above banned content, your offending files will be deleted and your IP blacklisted.
Are you a uguu.se clone?
Yes/No. The site is based around Uguu's "temporary storage" aspect, but no code comes from Uguu. Hi Neku!
Are you (F)(L)OSS?
Why don't you release your source?
Because a lot of it is messy and I don't like competition.
How can I support Catbox?
Thanks! You can donate with card via Patreon!


What information is kept on users?
Your IP address is stored with your uploads. You shouldn't think it's private information anyways.

If you have any other questions, email me.